<aside> πŸ‘‹ About Acureus

Acureus is a fully remote indie studio that creates memorable multiplayer experiences with friends through empowering creativity at all skill levels. We released Draw & Guess in March 2021, later seeing a viral surge in players that caused our community to grow from just a few hundred to over 3 million since launch. It's been absolutely bonkers.

Draw & Guess’ ****initial success has only further catalysed our vision for the game; We are fortunate to have seen growth in such a diverse genre of the industry and are excited to welcome others that share our vision for fun, engaging, and engaging creatively inspired experiences.


Current Openings

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Our Values

🀝 Trust & Ownership

Our small team size and commitment to remote-first requires a high degree of autonomy in each role - we want all members of our team to feel empowered to take calculated risks and experiment with new ideas.

πŸ– No Crunch

Crunch sucks. Your time with Acureus should be one of growth, exploration, and creating awesome experiences. We are fortunate to be a small, self-funded studio - allowing us to elimate crunch by setting reasonable goals, and streamlining our communication.

πŸš€ Passion-Driven

We believe that the best work comes from that sense of intangible passion, taking ideas and running with them. Think big, get excited, don't underestimate your ideas. ****

✨ Insist on Quality

We want to maintain a high standard of quality across all aspects of Acureus, be that engineering, moderation, or hiring practices. Holding each other accountable and utilising feedback is the foundation of quality games.

🌱 Grow Together

We are a team focused on creating cool stuff. Through earning trust, and mutual respect, we encourage an environment that allows you to share your feedback on all aspects of development.

πŸ’‘ Experiment and Learn

By embracing smart risks and continual calibration, we can discover new ways of engaging players and gain a deeper understanding of how to best delight our players